Tuesday, July 21, 2009

list for this weekend's game

Sorta trying to decide whether to go with a really competitive list with my CSMs or run my Sisters for fun.

For CSM's I am thinking
2 Daemon Princes with Lash/Wings/Mark of Slannesh
2 Plague Marine squads 7 marines/2 meltas/1 AC with Pfist Rhinos
1 Khorne Zerker Squad 7 beserkers/1 Plasma Pistol/1 AC with Power Weapon Rhino
2 CSM Squads 10 marines/2 meltas/Chaos glory banner
3/2 Obliterator Squads

1849 Points

For Sister I am thinking
1 Canoness with Wings/Blessed Weapon/Inferno Pistol/Mantle/Cloak/Book
1 Seraphim Squad 5 Seraphim 2 HFs, 1 Vet Superior with Eviserator/Book
5 Battle Sister Squads 10 Sisters 1 Hvy Flamer, 1 Melta/1 Vet Superior with CombiF/Book all in Rhinos with EA/Smoke
3 Exorcists with Smoke


I really want to field the Marines that I worked on but I also have some new girls that haven't had a chance to play. The problem for me is that I love playing the Sisters it just frustrating that they feel like the board is slanted against them. Maybe it also comes from playing CSMs a bunch and being on the other side of the spectrum.

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