Sunday, July 19, 2009

Asha Greyjoy

This is a mini from the Dark Sword Minatures Fire & Ice series and is of Asha Greyjoy the Kraken's daughter. She is the one who has some quesionable moments with her brother in the 2nd book and eventually tries to claim the throne. One of my favorite side characters in my favorite Fantasy series. The mini looks pretty awesome and got me thinking that it might be a cool one to convert to a Canoness or something for my girls. I did that for my Flying Nun of Doom and still like it alot and think this one might make a pretty kick ass Living Saint if she had a nice Eviserator or something.


  1. Don't you mean Arya? And I think that's the wrong character too, as Arya is NOT Greyjoy's daughter. I think you mean Asha.

  2. You are right
    For some reason I was thinking of her. Arya is another one of my favorites.


  3. LOL, can't even remember what you had up there previously.