Friday, April 15, 2011

Got my pass for KublaCon

Got my pass yesterday and am now signed up to play.

I am running CSM Zilla this year.
 I am tired of trying to play powerlists and overthinking them everytime so I am going to roll this:
2 DP wings/nurgle/Warptime
2 CSM Dreadnoughts CC arms
2 Defliers CC arms
Summoned Greater Daemon
4/ 5 CSM squads 1 melta and Aspir champs in Rhinos
2/ 3 CSM biker squads 2 meltas 1 Aspir Champs with pfist

I might tweak some things to either get zerkers instead of csms or maybe some combi-meltas on the champs.

Its a pretty simple list and basically just charges forward and gets the shit shot out of it.

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